This falls is located in Uttara Kannada. A tributary of the river "Aghanashini" by name 'Benne-Hole' flowing through the dense forests of the Devimane Ghats region of the Western Ghats falling from a height of about 200feet forms a spectacular visual treat.

On the way to Kumta from Sirsi after 21kms you get a small places called "Kasage". From here the waterfall is around 6kms away. Take the path which goes towards "Hosur" and up to Hosur it is a jeep track till the last house in Hosur. From here it is 2kms walk to the waterfall.


From Bangalore 440 kms
From Nearest Town Sirsi 26+kms
From Nearest Petrol Bunk Sirsi
Nearest Medical Help Ragi Hosalli 9+kms
Nearest Hotel Ragi Hosalli(tea shop, snacks) and Sirsi. 

Route Map :

Get Down at Kasage from en route Kumta from Sirsi. (this stop is 5km before Ragi Hosalli).
Best Time to visit is Early Winter

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