I  and my friends from the VVIET college went to MugiluPete, Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary and Dubare  which are near to Madikeri.


MugiluPete (Mugilpete) is around 20-30kms from Madikeri. This place is popularly known as Mandalpatti. It is called as "Mugilupete" due to Kannada film "Galipata". MugiluPete is very cold & almost all the place is covered by mist.

This place comes near to Somwarpete town. Mandala Patti is one of the trekking points in Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary or Pushpagiri Forest Range. Pushpagiri Forest Range spreads from Subrahmanya in Dakshina Kannada district to Somwarpet in Coorg district covering an area of 102.6 sq km. Kumara Parvata Peak stands the tallest amongst the peaks in Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.

The route is adventurous, with steep curves and zigzag tracks, and Abbi Falls lies along the way. As the roads leading to MandalPatti are narrow, ones who have decided to make it to the beautiful spot need to be a bit adventurous too. But the adventure is worth for the way to the spot is dotted with nature’s bounty as one passes through viewing lush green coffee estates, paddy fields and mountains.

There is an entrance fees (Rs.40 per head/now it is increased to 200) near the view-point (mantapa). If you feel it costly, you can climb any of the adjacent small hills to have an equivalent view. You can camp in this place with the prior permission.

Famous Kannada movie “Galipata” has been shot here. In that film they have shown this place as Mugilu Pete. So after that Mandalpatti became famous as Mugilupete. Only 1 song “Nadhim Ta Na” and last seen of Galipata has been shot here. Many other Kannada films like "Modala Sala", "Raj" has been shot here.

You can watch the video about Mandalpatti in youtube.
Youtube TV-9 video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vud2GASOTlM

There is no food facility in Mugilupete.
Accommodation: Madikeri
Best time to visit is 
September to January (The right time to reach the spot is 12.00 noon and it is better to be back by 4.00 pm.)
Nearest City: Madikeri, Somwarpet
Air: Closest Airport: Bangalore (260 km), Mangalore (135 km)
Rail: Closest Railway Station: Mysore (146 km)
Road: Bangalore - Channapatna - Mandya - Mysore - Kushalnagar - Madikeri - From here the sanctuary is 25 Kms
You can join the "Mugilupete VVIET" community in orkut.

Route map to Mandalapatti( Mugilupete):

In Mysore-Madikeri state highway you have to take deviation towards "Abby Falls". Then 3kms before Abby Falls you get a y junction where left turn leads to Abby falls and the right mud road will lead you to the Mandalapatti.You have to take right deviation towards Mandalapatti .This road is very bad & it is difficult to go in bike or car. It is better to go in SUV(4wd)s. You can hire jeep from Madikeri which costs around 900 rupees.
Bengaluru ---> Mysore ---> Madikeri ---> Towards abbi falls --->Right in Y junction --->  Mandalapatti(Mugilupete)

Photo Gallery:

 Road to Mugilu Pete

Mantapa in Mugilu pete


Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary


Suhas Kashyap

Photos: Suhas Kashyap- Mysore
Information: Sagar.R, Suhas Kashyap-Mysore(Sutthona Banni Team Mysore)

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  1. Arvind says:

    been to kodachadri.. dont think galipata is shot in kodachadri..

  2. Murali says:

    Hi..Thanks for sharing the info. I had been looking for more info on Mugilupete...Kindly send more info w.r.t Accommodation & contact details @ Mugilupet.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Hi..
    This was a good piece of information. I was looking to go there with my team in Jan. Can you please share the route information as we would be travelling in 22 seater Swaraj Mazda. I heard that there are 2 routes and the longer one is better, but i could not get more information on that.

    Can you please message me your contact number so that i can call you and get more information.

    Thanks in advance,
    Mob : Nine 8 8 6 one 8 one 9 one three

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  5. amar says:

    Hi i need clear and full info abt mugil pet can u pls send to below Email ID

  6. sushanth says:

    A copy of food and accommodation for me also please :)

    Sushanth mangalore


  7. sushanth says:

    I mean about MAndalpatti (Mugilupete)

  8. Frenz.....
    Around mugilupete derz no staying place n food point also,
    Nearby city is madikeri,
    I hv a homestay in madikeri -SANNIDHI HOMESTAY .20kms near by mugilupete...we provide coorg traditional dishes n accomodation @ reasonable price .
    Contact me for more details on home stay n estate stay,

  9. pundi says:

    can you please send me a route map and contact number to Mugilupete please.

  10. wow such a nice place. is there any home stay over there want to visit very shortly. please let me know about accommodation and right time visit.

  11. kiran says:

    hi frenz,
    check dis blog regarding homestay details in madikeri n info bt mugilupete.

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  13. Humraz says:

    Dear Frnd,

    Nice info & very Good article..

    Plz verify if any accommodation available there, & if yes then plz send me Contact Person name & No.

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  14. hello pls sujest me is this right time to go mandal patti!!!!!!! i mean rainy season????? can we travel in our personal vehicles????

  15. Ajay says:

    hi can u give me root map to mugilupete from madikeri? ?

  16. Nearest place to Stay is Madikeri. Best season is from October to January

  17. i thought it was called mugilpete because it means surrounded by clouds!!! n the plcae is foggy n all

  18. nice blog about all the places in karnataka...keep going..here is my little blog too...do chk out http://sandeepyc.blogspot.com/2012/06/quest-for-mandalpatti.html

  19. there are two petty shops on the way to mugilpete where u can hav food, nonveg is served there, i hav been to mandalpatti nearly 6times, better go during rainy season so that u can enjoy nature at its best,

  20. Very nice blog,I had visited Coorg,It is amazing place, The place is famous for its evergreen forests, lush green valleys, misty hills, sprawling coffee plantations, tea estates, orange groves, We find more information from Karnataka Travel guide in Coorg

  21. Sagar Nm says:

    Hi i need clear and full info abt mugil pet can u pls send to below Email ID sagu.prince@gmail.com

  22. Mangala says:

    I went to Mugulpete in December 2013, I think other places in Madkeri or Coorg worth seeing than Mugulpete, This is waste of money & time, Since Jeep charges are 1400/- plus entrance fee of Rs 20/ per head.

  23. Could anybody please confirm if I can drive an Innova to this place? Also, If ai do not wish to truck, how is the place?

  24. You can drive Innova, no problem sir..

  25. hay can anyone give me number of any ones num who arranges tent for tourests in top of the mandalpatti... ?

  26. locality says:

    very nice blog. More informative. Thanks for sharingred lotus suites

  27. I had been Madikeri once and just enjoyed the Abbey falls view. I had stayed one of the Hotels in madikeri and enjoyed my those days. It's great place for tourist and i am sure you gonna love the view of Abbey falls. It's mind blowing.

  28. Nice Blog...
    Also Visit @ http://letzstepout.com/

  29. It was great reading about your Mysore Bangalore travel experience. I've been looking for budget hotels in Mangalore, as may be visiting this city soon.

  30. Thanks for such a informative post.

  31. Nicely described. Madikeri is the awesome scenic place for tourists to enjoy, to spend the holidays, to take rest. I Love Coorg and madikeri, as it is so Calm and Cool place to Spend time. Coorg is also famous for hospitality services, it is known for Good hospitality. Many resorts in coorg, homestay and hotels aim in providing stay facilities to Guest and travellers.

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  33. Mugilupete is an awesome place for any day of the year. You can take help from these guys for contacts over there. They will help you http://zebracross.net/

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  35. Is August ryt time to enjoy in mugilpet..? N Wats d entrance fee

  36. Thanks for sharing the info. Mandalpatti nice place.

    B&B New Delhi.

  37. Coorg is actually the scotland of india & the people their are very friendly & helpful. We stayed at one of the resorts in coorg and they had very nice recreation activities for kids as well as for us.

  38. Hi..Thanks for sharing the info. I had been looking for more info on Mugilupete...Kindly send more info w.r.t Accommodation & contact details @ Mugilupet.

  39. Thanks for the information. I am planning to go to Mandalapatti next week. I am going in my Xylo. Can I drive my Xylo to Mandalapatti? I would like to be in the Mist. So which time is best in the Morning to be there and also to drive safely.

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