Itagi, small temple town in North Karnataka, It is famous for the temple of Bheemavva or Bhimambika It is in Gadag District, Ron Taluk in Karnataka, India. About 13 km from Gajendragad Kalkaleshwara temple. Hundreds and thousands of

Believers throng everyday to this place. People get their wishes fulfilled by a Bhimambika.

Every year here at Itagi Annual car festival will hold, darty Dharma Devaru, it is one of the very famous Jatra in North Karnataka

Itagi Bhimambika Purana

The late Kallinatha Shastri Puranik Wrote Puranas, of which Itagi Bhimambika Purana is well known.

Historical temple

There is historical Shiva temple at Itagi, People call it as Shabhulinga temple.

The temple here is about 1000 years old temple, may belongs to Chalukya, having Shiva linga in the Garbhagruha, people here believed that it is Udbhava linga.

Temple has beautifully carved pillar open hall, but the temple is totally neglected by people and Govt of Karnataka.

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) should undertake some Conservation work to protect the monument.

Photo Gallery:

Itagi bhimambika Temple, near Gajendragad

Historical Shiva temple at Itagi

Courtesy: Wikipedia

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