Shri Nage Gowda is the Founder of 'Janapada Loka', which is one of the wonders in the 20th century history of Karnataka. Janapada Loka established near Ramanagara on Bangalore-Mysore highway, on a sprawling 15 acres of land full of greenery, is the fruit of his hard work dedication and organizing ability and was inaugurated on 12th March 1994. It has grown into a very significant folk cultural centre in the country and is a hub of Folk cultural activities.

The imposing main entrance is the chief attraction of Janapada Loka. A majestic door adorned with Harige and Trumpets and tall brass Nandidwajas on either side of the pathway enhance the grandeur of the entrance. The design of the door is a perfect blend of the Shaiva and Vaishnava cult. The information Center sells cassettes, CDs, DVDs and books related to folk art forms and literature and a video show of documentaries and other folk art forms are screened in the Video Scope theatre in Janapada Loka. A big grinding stone, which used to be pulled by two bisons, is a fitting icon of Janapadaloka. "Lokamatha Mandira"is a museum displaying articles of daily use of folk people like cooking vessels, equipments used for farming and animal husbandry and other such rural activities. "Chithra Kuteera" which reflects different stages of the founder's literary achievements and struggle during the building of Janapada Loka and also houses photographs of different folk art forms of Karnataka. "Loka Mahal" is a two-storied building where more than 5000 folk artefacts are aesthetically displayed.

A community house called “Doddamane" built in the traditional rural style with a central courtyard surrounded by pillars serves as a place for workshops and seminars and also provides lodging facility to visiting artists. "Shilpamaala", a place for stone memorials, tell their own story. Aayagaarara Maala, Lokapriya MahaGanapathi temple where Lord Ganesha is ever ready to bless the visitors, a colossal open-air theatre in the Greek style with a capacity to seat 1000 people, boating facility and playground for children are the attractions at Janapada loka.

Artists who have great skill in handicrafts like pottery and wooden toys stay here and are engaged in making artefacts. After imparting training in Dollu kunitha, Kolata, Goravara kunitha and other allied arts, in-house performing troupes of Janapada loka are formed. Bangalore University has recognized Janapada loka as a research centre. This Janapada University started in 1999 conducts Janapada Diploma and Janapada Certificate courses. Folk related development camp, folk research workshop, and seminars are held regularly in the campus. A fully equipped library has been established. Annual Festivals like Lokothsava in February - March, Kite Festival in July, Dassera Festival in October are celebrated without fail which attracts visitors from far and wide. In essence, Janapada loka is a treasure house of Folk museums and folk related activities and attract scholars, interested persons, and researchers. Janapada loka emerging as one of the best Folk cultural centers of the world is bubbling with activities throughout the year.

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