Kanva reservoir is an artificial lake and tourist attraction 69 kilometres (43 mi) from Bangalore, India and 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from Ramanagara. The reservoir has been formed from the damming of the river Kanva and is well known as a tourist destination for its birdlife. It is surrounded by wooded hills.

Alongside the dam is a fisheries training and research center, aimed at making the local villagers self sufficient through fish farming. The cave temple of Purushotthama Thirtha Gavi is 3 km away. It is an important pilgrimage center for Madhwa Brahmins, as it is believed that a saint performed penance here. A statue of Hanuman has been installed inside the cave.

Kanva Dam

Kanva Dam is a minor irrigation project dam. Built in 1946 across the Kanva river, it is 15 km long covering 776 hectares. The Kanva river (a tributary of the Shimsha and Cauvery river) is named after the sage Kanva, who is believed to have lived in the caves in the mountains and forests around the dam in the time of Ramayana.

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