Madugiri WORLD'S SECOND LARGEST SINGLE... by praveen02008   Madhugri is a Taluk Head Quarter in Tumkur district in the Indian state of Karnataka.
At 3930 feet elevation, Madhugiri is a single hill. It is the largest in Asia and second largest in the world. Nestled in its steep slopes is a fort, once credited to Hyder Ali. Antaralada Bagilu, Diddibagilu, and Mysore Gate are the three gateways of the fort. A series of doorways leads to the hillock. The ruined temple of Gopalakrishna is located at the top.
Madhugiri is not so commercialised place; Tourists should not have any problem finding light food. It is much better to carry food and lots of water.
Madhugiri, or also known as Maddagiri, is located around 43 km north to Tumkur town. Madhugiri is famous for its giant rock overlooking the town and the fort nestling in its steep slopes. The giant rock is the second largest monolith of Asia. This monolith and the surrounding greenery of Madhugiri are the main attractions. The place has old temples of Venkataramanaswami and Malleshwara built by the Vijayanagara feudatories in the Dravidian style.
The highlight is the rock dome, atop which stands a fort, once attributed to Hyderaali. There are a series of doorways leading to the top and the climb is steep and exposed in some places.On the top is ruined Gopalakrishna temple.


From Tumkur, there are two ways to reach Madhugiri. First route: Once you leave Tumkur, there is a deviation that takes you via Siddara Betta and Chennarayana Durga to Madhugiri. Second route: The other deviation takes you directly to Madhugiri via Koratagere.
Tumkur is well-connected to Bangalore via train and bus services. Both government and private buses ply between Tumkur and Madhugiri.

Places of special attraction

Asia's largest monolith is located in madhugiri city. It is the second largest in the world. It looks differently from different directions, such as a lying elephant, Shiva Linga, honey-comb and so on.
Maidana Halli Blackbuck Sanctuary: It is 25 km from Madhugiri. It is near Kodigenahalli, one of the prominent hobli of Madhugiri. You need prior permission to visit the Sanctuary.
Chennarayana Durga: Located 10 km from Koratagere on the way to Madhugiri via Tumkur, it is one of the nine Durga forts. Inside the fort, there is a small temple and one can also explore ruined and semi ruined old structures.
Siddara Betta: It is nature’s treasure trove. The place is known for its medicinal herbs. A natural spring that gushes out from the top of the hill is also believed to have medicinal value.
Madhugiri Fort: This fort is among the most beautiful hill forts built by the Vijaynagar dynasty. Many Jain Temples are also found at this place. This is an amazing historical place to visit for the tourists.
Timmalapura Forest: It is yet another tourist attraction not very far from Madhugiri. The forest is famous for its peacocks

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