Tumkur district (Kannada: ತುಮಕೂರು ಜಿಲ್ಲೆ) is an administrative district in the state of Karnataka in India. The district headquarters are located at Tumkur. The district occupies an area of 10,598 km² and had a population of 2,584,711, of which 19.62% were urban as of 2001.It is a one and a half hour drive from Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka.

It consists chiefly of elevated land intersected by river valleys. A range of hills rising to nearly 4,000 feet (1,200 m) crosses it from north to south, forming the watershed between the systems of the Krishna and the Kaveri. The principal streams are the Jayamangala and the Shimsha. The mineral wealth of Tumkur is considerable; iron is obtained in large quantities from the hillsides; and excellent building-stone is quarried. The slopes of the Devarayanadurga hills are clothed with forests. Wildlife such as leopards, bears and wild boar have been recorded here. Although, tigers have been recorded from these forests as late as 1950s, most recent reports are of stray sightings and need confirmation. The annual rainfall averages 39 inches.

This place has many things to offer to the tourists. The Veerashaiva Mutt situated at Siddhaganga here is well known for its yeomen service to education and religious activities. This Mutt runs many educational institutions including an engineering college and a charitable hostel, which feeds as many as 5000 students absolutely free of cost. Some other interesting tourist places of Tumkur are given here:

Tumkur Tourist Places:

Yediyur - this place is famous for Sadhalingeshwara temple. This place is also famous for saint Veershaiva who lived in Yediyur in the Tumkur Tourist Places.

Kunigal Farm- it is the oldest Stud farm.

Pavagada Fort - in 1405 famous Vijaynagar dynasty's king built this hill fort. This fort bears the stamp of the violent battle between Tipu Sultan and British rulers in the Tumkur Tourist Places.

Madhugiri – this is the most beautiful hill fort built by Vijaynagar dynasty. It is the place where Jain Basadis and temples are also found. This place offers to the tourists a view of historical sites. Madhugiri is well known for its Pomegranate cultivation.

MarconahalliTours to Karnataka in this place a reservoir is built across the Shimsha River. You can have an enjoyable boat ride on this river in the Tours to Karnataka.

Devarayna DurgaTours to Karnataka and it is a beautiful hill station 18 sq. km of which is covered with forest. This forest is the home for many wild animals like Leopard, Tiger, Bear and Wild Dog.

Sinhadham is a Lions Safari park on Shimoga – Sagar road. While visiting this place one can avail the hospitality of the Hotel Nanjundeswara.

Places around Tumkur

Explore the land of Tumkur, visiting the places around it, while on a Tour to Tumkur –

  • Devarayanadurga:

    This small beautiful place of pilgrimage set amidst dense forest is a hill-station situated 16 km away. You can witness Sri Yoganarasimhaswamy and Bhoga Narasimhaswamy temples, as also the Namada chilume and Adi Sankara temples here.

  • Goravanahalli Lakshmi Temple:

    Located 90 km from Tumkur, this majestic temple is one of the famous ones in Karnataka.

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    Tumkur is a dream destination for anyone on a religious pilgrimage. Moreover, there are many adventure spots such as rock climbing, boating, trekking et al in Tumkur district for the young as well. You can checkout many places to visit in tumkur.

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