The Bank of Varahi River- Hosangadi (Udupi District) is very good place for picnic.

About Varahi River:

Varahi River
is a river flowing through Western Ghats to Basrur, Kundapur and Gungulli in western India. It joins with the Souparnika River, Kedaka River, Chakra River, and Kubja River and merges into the Arabian sea.

Taking its birth at 730m above sea level at a place called “HEBBAGILU” near Agumbe (called Chirapunji of the Karnataka ) at Thirthahalli taluk in Shivamogga district. Many of sub rivers join the VARAHI, these rivers are is originated in Shettykoppa.Halige, Kollavadi, Bangaragall, etc.., The major flow of VARAHI takes place in surroundings Hosanagara taluk. The river traversing about 25km from its origin , falls by 455m in cascades which is popularly known as “KUNCHIKAL FALLS”. The annual rainfall in the catchment varies from 200mm-12800mm. The river joins Arabian sea near Kundapur in Udupi district. The consequence of this drop in the river courses and the large quantum of runoff from the monsoon fed catchment area is the construction of “VARAHI HYDEL POWER PROJECT” According to mythology, VARAHA is one of the incarnations of lord Vishnu.

There is a dam across Varahi river constructed for producing of electricity.Dam has been constructed near Yadur.

There is under ground electricity generating station built by KPCL using water from this river near Siddapura in Udupi district.

Nearest Tourist Places:
  • Varahi Underground Powerhouse
  • Mani Dam
  • Kavale Durga
  • Nagara Port
  • devagange Pond
All places are near to Hosangadi (Main town Kundapura).

Photo Gallery:

Photos & Information Courtesy: Manjunath Jois -Hosangadi

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