Kailasa-gudda is a beautiful picnic place which is 7kms from Sirsi. This is a big hill which is covering from green forest. Here you can see the Microwave tower & a view tower. From that view tower you can watch the beautiful scenery of forest and  surrounding hills. You can also watch the view of Sirsi Town. This place is best for trekking.

Route Map:

Go in Sirsi-Yellapur state highway (SH-93) about 5 kms, after Kadave cross bus stop you will get one cross. In that cross you have to take right deviation road (mud road) which moves towards "Kailasa Gudda". In that road you have to go approximately 2kms to reach the view point.

If you are going in the KSRTC (Sirsi-Yellapur, Sirsi- Devadakere) bus then get down in Kadave stop. From there you can make trekking.

Food: No food facility available.

Photo Gallery:


 Sutthona Banni Team-Sirsi Wing


Photos & Information: Shriharsha.B.S.-Banavasi

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