Chiklihole reservoir in Kodagu District  (Coorg) is located in between Madikeri and Kushalnagar and is roughly around 5 kms from Dubare, 15 kms from Kushalnagar and 45 kms from Madikeri.The best time to visit would be during monsoon and winter i.e from June to March as there will be more water in the dam. The best part at Chicklihole is the sunset. This place is very beautiful picnic spot. 

Chikli hole is one of the small reservoirs on the Cauvery stream.The overflow of water on the semi-circular structure of Chiklihole reservoir, which has no crest gates, attracts tourists.

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  Photos & Information: Shriharsha BS, Nitin, Pradeep S, Madan, Vikas, Bharath - Sutthona Banni Team Karnataka

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