Thottikallu is a place near Bangalore off the Kanakapura road which is famous for a falls called Thottikallu falls more popularly known as TK falls.

A route at Kagalpura (Kaggalipura) off the Bangalore-Kanakapura road will lead to a place called Byalemaradadoddi, from where a mud road leads to the falls. The place also has a small shrine.

There will not be much water in summer and hence better to visit in or just after monsoon.
The place is about one hour from Kempegowda Bus Terminal.

Now a lots or residential projects are coming up near TKfalls. This falls is slowly gaining interest in south Bangalore. A lot of biking expeditions are conducted to this place. little away from Bangalore one can enjoy greenery..
This place is also littered with alcohol bottles and gutka packets. Visitors must take care and keep the place clean.

Photo Gallery:

The Muneeshwara Swamy shrine near TK Falls.

Courtesy: Wikipedia

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