Ramateertha is a tourist spot located near Honnavar town of Uttara Kannada district (Karnataka). This place is around 2.5kms from Honnavar town. Here you can see the two natural small water streams (called as Rama-teertha & Lakshmana-teertha) falling from around 7ft height. And also you can see "Ramalinga" temple. Lot of film shootings are done in this place.

Route Map:

From Honnavar town, go in Honnavar-Kumata National Highway (NH-17) after 0.5km you will get Ramateertha cross (Are-Angadi cross) on right side. Take diversion on right side and go in Ramateertha road around 2kms. You will get Ramateertha.

Photos & Information: Shriharsha.B.S.

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