Yedakumari/Yedakumeri / Edakumeri(Kannada:ಎಡೆಕುಮರಿ) is the place in Sakleshpur taluk in the midst of western ghats in the state of Karnataka, India.There is a railway station here. The place lies enroute Mangalore to Bangalore railway line. The train running in between these two cities generally halt at Yedakumari for technical reasons. Yedakumari railway station has become resting place for trekkers, trekking western ghats following the railway tracks.

The Green Route "Trek on the Railway Track", as it is well known, is a stretch of track from Sakleshpur to the Subramanya Road Station, which was closed down in 1996 to convert the gauge from Meter to Broad Gauge.Green Route is a well known segment along the Bangalore and Mangalore railway line in India, within the pristine part of Western Ghat mountain ranges often called the trekker's paradise.

This track, that traverses some distance of the Western Ghats, had been abandoned, but now the track is being converted to broad-gauge. It forms a part of 56.80 km stretch from Sakleshpur to Kukke Subrahmanya, dotted by 58 tunnels, 109 bridges and about 25 waterfalls. Part of this popular trek route is mapped at TripNaksha. So, for all you trekking freaks, this is the place to be in. Walking along these bridges, towering over 200 feet valleys is a thrilling experience since these tracks do let you look down to have view of the valley beneath(many lack the wooden reapers) . Since 2005 goods trains are carrying freight to/from the Mangalore Port. Its recommended to trek after monsoon season i.e. during October. The passenger trains have started plying on the route since 2008.

This is one of the most picturesque spot (route) in the Western Ghats of the South Kanara and Hassan districts of Karnataka.

Trek Route:

Route 1: from Donigal to Yedakumari station
- Get down at Donigal, the bus generally stops at a tea stall.
- Trek along the tar road towards Subrahmanya till you locate the 50 km mile stone or the Donigal station.
- The railway trek starts from there and is about 17 km to Yedakumeri station.

Exit Route 1:
- Carrying on further from the station look for the 75km mile stone.

- After the milestone one should look for an exit route downhill which leads to the Kempuhole river.
- Crossing the river would get you onto the NH48. You might exit out close to a temple
Exit Route 2:
- Go back and cross the last bridge, take a right turn and trek in the forest to reach a small village and catch a bus from there. 
Exit Route 3:
- Trek further down 12 kms towards Subrahmanya on the railway trek and walk 4 kms on an elephant trail after that and reach Subrahmanya.

Route 2: from Subrahmanya road station to Yedakumari station

Nearest Town: Sakleshpura
Best Time To Visit: Late September to early March.

Trekking on the railway treks is no longer allowed. However, people do continue to trek on this route. Take care not to run into the PW engineer or the track supervisor.

Watch TV9 Report about this place(YouTube link):

Places to visit nearby are Kukke Subramanya, Kumara Parvatha, Sakalesh Pura.

Photo Gallery:

Photos: Chethan. K-Mangalore & Sundar-Bangalore
Information Courtesy: Wikipedia

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