Devakara (Vajramala) waterfalls is one of the beautiful waterfalls of Uttara Kannada District, which comes in Yellapur taluk. To see this falls you have to trek in dense forest & the edge of back water of Kali River. Devakar falls is situated in a small island called DEVAKARA which is surrounding the Kali River Backwaters. So it is called as “Devakara falls”. Here you can see the “Devakara falls” falling  in 4 stages from 120 feet height. While falling, it glows like a “Diamond (Vajra)”. So locally this falls is called as “Vajramala falls”. This falls is originated from “Bare” stream. Due to the lack of publicity this beautiful falls is still unknown to lot of people.


From Yellapur town go in NH-67 upto “Idagundi” village. Then go in the road SH-6 which goes to “Kalache” village. On the way to “Kalache" you will get “Hebbara kumbri” cross. From that cross go in the road which goes towards “Eerapura” village. Form that you have to get down “Bendaghata Hill” walk around 6kms you will get “Devakara” village. Ask with localities about the route of “Devakara falls”, they will guide you. .The local guide will take you till there and show you the falls. From  “Bendaghata Hill” you can see the beautiful view of “Kali River Valley” , Kaiga, & surrounding villages.

From Yellapur go in “Kalache” route bus & get down in “Hebbara Kumbri cross”. It is better to go in own vehicle. Even vehicles are also goes up-to “Hebbara Kumbri cross”.

From “Karwar” you have to come in SH-6 up-to “Hebbara Kumbri cross”.

Food & Accommodation: There is no food & accommodation facility. Nearest accommodation place is "Yellapur". 

Best time to visit: After September (Not in rainy season).

Photos & Information: Aditya Hegde-Yellapur

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