Maravanthe is a village and a beach near Kundapura, Karnataka, India. Outlook travel considers it one of Karnataka's most beautiful beaches. It is about 55 kilometres (34 mi) from Udupi. NH-66 runs right next to the beach and the Suparnika River flows on the other side of the road, creating a spectacular scenery and considered only one of its kind in India. The river Souparnika, which almost touches Arabian Sea here, makes a U turn and goes eastward to join the Sea only after a journey of more than 10 kilometres (6.2 mi), which is a geological wonder.

Maraswamy temple

Maraswamy temple is located on beach near Maravanthe and this temple has three garbha griha where three deities are worshiped. One of the deity is Varaha or wild boar and this makes one of the rare temples of India dedicated to Varaha; and the temple is also called Varahaswamy temple. Tortoise, crocodile and fish are also part of worship in this temple, as depicted by rock drawings laid in front of garbhagudi of three deities. Souparnika river makes a U turn in the east side of temple and this river also makes islands, which are called Kudru. The eastern side view from this point is beautiful with palm trees, green fields and Kodachadri peak visible at far eastern end also makes a reflection in the river Souparnika.


Fishing forms main activity of the fisher folk of this area, but infrastructure for marketing the marine produce is not well developed.Native boats and small diesel trawlers are used for fishing. Seafaring is avoided during the monsoons. Agriculture is also an important activity of the area, with coconut, paddy, and onion being the main crops.


Beach at Maravanthe is beautiful.This place is identified by Govt. Agencies as having potential for tourism with leaflets proclai several facilities since several decades, but infrastructure development is weak to at this place to attract tourists in large scale. Sunset, boat riding, visit to islands, viewing highway located between sea and river are considered as major attractions; but tourist visit is just a passing visit, who are bound to other places like Kollur, Goa etc. on the highway located between sea and river. However, there are no places to stay at this village and alternative arrangement at nearby town being Kundapura.

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