An ancient historical temple “Sri Bheemalingeshwara”  located in Bheemeshwara near Kargal town, which is in Shivamogga District of Karnataka state.  This temple is very beautiful. On the way to temple you can view the beauty of “Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary”. This place is suitable for medium level trekking.

Route Map:

From Sirsi or Sagar town, go to Kargal.  Then go in “Kargal to Bhatkal” state highway nearly about 37km, then you will get “Bheemeshwar Bus Stop” (In Kogar Ghat). From that stop take right & go in mud road nearly 3 km which moves towards Bheemalingeshwara temple. The road is very steep & narrow and full  of ghat section. 

Nearby Tourist Attractions: 

 Dabbe Falls , Kaanuru Fort, Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Jog falls

Photo Gallery:

Photos & Information: Shyamsundar Hegde, Gajanan Bhat - Magegar and Mahesh Hegde - Sirsi

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