Jogi gundi falls is near to  Agumbe, Shivamogga District. It is not known for its height because height is well within 20 feet. But it is known for its natural beauty around it.

To reach Jogi Gundi falls from Agumbe, go some 100m in the Agumbe - Sringeri highway and then take a right turn. There is a road though not good for about 3 km and then you have to take right turn again. From here no vehicles can go. If you love trekking, you can walk from Agumbe bus stand to here. The walking distance is around 5 km and if you are in groups, it will be fantastic because the path is so beautiful and you will enjoy this journey fully. You have to walk from here for about 600m to reach the falls

There is a large pool and the water is falling down from one side of the rock mountain. The pool is very beautiful and equally dangerous. If you take some villagers with you, they will tell some strange stories about this place. After going out of the pool, the water is flowing in a zigzag manner through rocky path and there you can play, bath, and enjoy the fresh water.

Courtesy: Wikipedia

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