Kunchikal Falls (Kannada: ಕುಂಚಿಕಲ್‌ ಜಲಪಾತ), also called Kunchikal Abbe, are located near Masthikatte-Hulikal in Shimoga district of state of Karnataka. Kunchikal falls are formed by Varahi river. Varahi River cascades down hundreds of rocks near Hulikal (Ghati Temple), Hosanagara taluk, Shimoga District.


Kunchikal falls cascades down rocky boulders and total height of this fall is 455 meters (1,493 feet) and this height makes this falls as highest waterfalls of India. The total length of cascade exceeds 1 km.


After construction of Mani Dam near Masthikatte and underground power generation station near Hulikal, Shimoga district, the water flow to this falls is greatly reduced and visible only during rainy season (July-Sept).

Photo Gallery:
Kunchikal Falls view from Metkalgudda 
Photos: Manjappa Jois-Hosangadi
Information Courtesy: Wikipedia

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