Onake Abbi Falls is a beautiful waterfall located near Agumbe at a distance 30kms from Thirthahalli. The first part of the name 'Onake' is a Kannada word that refers a large and thick stick which is used in making powders from food grains. The falls got the name because there is only one branch in the falls and it is like 'onake'!.  The falls is around 450-500 feet high. This is also a great trekking destination from Agumbe bus stand to falls (6 km).

Route Map:

Route 1:

There are two ways to reach here. One is while coming from Agumbe bus stand towards Agumbe check point, you will see in the right side a small arch written as”'Oushadeeya  Sasya Vana”. Just start in that road from the arch and that is the single road that will take you to the falls (No turns).

Route 2:

Another one is from the Agumbe check point. There is a small lake and adjacent to that there is a small park. If you go to the right end of the park, you will see the board as “Onake Abbi Jalapathakke Charana Hadi” in Kannada. From here if you start, you will join the 1st suggested path in the mid way. There is no clear path here, you have to find the traces of used path and follow the same. If you are new to forests and trekking, then this path is not for you!. You have to walk around 1 km to join the clear mud road. You have to walk around 4 km in the mud road. Around 200 mt before the falls, there are steps to go down a little because the place is pretty much in 'V' shape. From that distance itself, you can hear the roaring sound of this amazingly beautiful falls. Once you clear the steps, you will see the 'Onake Abbi Falls'. Beware of “Leaches”.

Don't forget to take some food with you because you feel extremely hungry here and if you have no food then you have nothing to eat here. Near the Agumbe check post, there is one 'Bajji - Bonda' shop.

Courtesy: Manjappa Jois-Hosangadi & Wikipedia

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