"Sri Mahaganapathi (Dodda Ganapathi) Temple-Sirsi" is one of the famous attraction for devotees. This temple is located near Rayarapete the center of Sirsi town. Here you can see the big Lord Ganesha Idol. So this temple is locally called as "Dodda Ganapathi (Big Ganesha) Temple". According to history this Ganesha Idol was made in "Hoysala style" & it is approximately 400 years old. The height of Idol is approximately 183 cm. & width is 159 cm. The original temple was built in the period of "Sonda Empire", the temple is renovated later.

For those who believe in astrology / fortune telling but do not have a horoscope in place, there is a ritual performed at the Maha Ganapathi temple by the priests there. The seeker has to frame the question that will have a binary outcome (Yes or No; True or False) The priest does the needful and the seeker is told about the verdict from Lord Ganesha. A lot of decisions like buying/selling property, choosing a vocation for higher studies are taken by some people through this ritual.

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Photos: Shriharsha.B.S-Banavasi
Information Courtesy: "Sirsi Sri Mahaganapathi" Book written by- Sri T.M. Subbaraya 

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