Balebare Falls (Baalebare Falls) is located in Balaebare Ghat. Balebare ghat is a ghat road between Siddapur in Udupi district and Mastikatte in Shimoga district (SH-52). This place receives heaviest rainfalls during monsoon turning every corner and gap into a waterfall.

Balebare Falls is located nearly 6 km from Mastikatte. From Mastikatte you have to go in SH-52 (Teerthahalli-Kundapur State Highway) nearly 6 km at right side you can see the waterfalls. But this falls is visible in monsoon season only.

The Varahi, Savehaklu and Chakra dam, Kavaledurga are the must visit places

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Photos & Information: Sudeep N (KPCL)-Mastikatte (Sutthona Banni Team)

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