"Sri Mookappa Mahaswamigalavaru Samsthana Mutt (Matha)" is located in "Guddada-Mallapura" village, Byadagi taluk, Haveri district of Karnataka state. This mutt has got heritage history of around 400 years. This mutt is very special because here "Nandi" (Bull or Ox) is worshiped as a saint ( Swamiji). But the administration works are done by people. Dharmadhikari of this mutt is "Sri Mrutyunjayaswami H Dassohamath".

Here "Sri Mookappa Swamigalu (Nandi)" goes to different villages & towns. At that time people worships Swamiji & treats as a God & alms ( in Kannada: gives Bhiksha-Daana-Dharma). From the amount which is collected by people ( Bhiksha-Daana-Dharma), presently Sri Mutt is running primary school, high school, orphanage for orphan children and "Annadaasoha" every day.

Route Map: Bangalore-Byadagi-Guddada Mallapura

Contact Numbers: 9449514002, 8722665515, 9591192588

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Photos & Information: Basavaraj Dasohamath

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