Dabbe falls is one of the must visit places in Shimoga (Shivamogga) district which offers tourists a great pleasure of nature. Dabbe Falls is located near Hosagadde in Sagar taluk. On the road from Sagar to Bhatkal (Kogar Ghat), Hosagadde lies about 20 km from the town of Kargal (Near to Jog Falls). From Hosagadde a walk of 6–8 km into the forest leads to Dabbe Falls.

 The trek route through the deep valley leads to the delightful Dabbe Falls. Trekking to Dabbe falls is very risk as the last 1.5 km trekking is downwards almost 80 degree with no proper stairs. One has to trek using branches and roots of trees and rocks. Last 1.5 km of trekking which consumes lots of time.

Nearby Tourist Places: 

Kanoor Fort, Bhima-Lingeshwara Temple, Sharavathi wildlife Sanctuary, Jog Falls

Route Map:

From Kargal Town--> Go in SAGAR-BHATKAL state highway  towards Bhatkal  up-to Hosagadde  -->   Take Right deviation & go in mud road which is going towards Dabbe Mane up-to 6km (approx)  -->  Then trek for 1.5 km, you will get Dabbe Falls.

Take the help from local people to reach Dabbe falls.


There is no bus till Dabbe falls. KSRTC buses has stop at the main road which is 8 km. Four wheeler can reach 4 more kilometres inside and bike can go up-to 6km. Then you have to trek for 1.5 km to reach till Dabbe falls. 
Note: There is no food facility nearby Dabbe falls, so carry water bottles & food.

Photo Gallery:  

Photos & Information Courtesy: Gajanan Bhat- Magegar

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    Nice places. Thanks for sharing. A picturesque city dotted with waterfalls, swaying palms and lush paddy fields which make for a great place for tourists to enjoy the scenic beauty and refresh themselves, along with the cultural hub of the state of Karnataka. Check out all best places to visit in Shimoga also.

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