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Pampavana is a place situated in Banavasi. In Banavasi Madhukeshwara Temple is the main place to see. But many tourists don't knew about the Aadi Madhukeshwara Temple which is in Pampavana.

Pampavana is a small botanical park which consists of many medicinal plants, various types of trees, Lord Aadi Madhukeshwara Temple, Goddes Ammanavaru Temple, Vasistha Teertha. This park is called Papmavana because in this place Aadi Kavi Pampa wrote many epics.

Aadi Madhukeshwara Temple is having beautiful curvatures. Here you can see the Vasistha teertha which is a holy water.

You can see the beautiful sunset here.

This place is most suitable for picnic. For details about Banavasi please refer the article about Banavasi in this blog.

If you visit the Kadamba's Kingdom Banavasi then don't miss to visit the "Pampavana".

There is lot of tourist places around Banavasi. For details you can contact with tourism department in Banavasi for tour packages.

How to Reach:Bangalore-Shivamogga-Banavasi
There is direct bus facilities available from Bangalore, Mysore, Shivamogga, Hubli, Sirsi to Banavasi.

Where to Stay:

Lodge facility is available in Banavasi by tourism department. You can also stay in Sirsi.

Photo Gallery:

Aadi Madhukeshwara Temple

Goddess Ammanavaru

Vasistha Teertha

Plant seed looks like Trishool

Looks like Maggi noodles

Tourist Guest House

Sheshank Anavatti


Photos & Informations: Shriharsha.B.S.-Banavasi

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