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Gudnapura is a small historical village and famous pilgrim spot situated in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka.

This place is situated 4kms from Kadamba's Kingdom Banavasi. Here there is a big lake called as "Gudnapura Lake". On the bank of lake there is a temple of "Lord Shri Bangareshwara". You can also see the "Queen's Mahal", and other historical things on the bank of this lake. Every year there is a "jathre (Rathotsava)" and "Teppotsava" in the temple. This place is very beautiful to see the sunset.

This place is good for picnic.

Route Map:


There is direct bus facility to Banavasi from major cities. From Banavasi you have to pick up the Sirsi bus.

Photo Gallery:

Lord Bangareshwara

Gudnapura Lake

Rani Nivasa (Queen's Mahal)

Photos & Informations: Shriharsha.B.S.-Banavasi

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