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Shri Shringeri Shankar Math, Siddapur (Uttar Kannada) is establishment in 1997 by the holy blessings of Sri Bharathi Teertha Mahaswamiji. . Beyond the bustle of the town lies this elegant and magnificent structure of Shankar a Math complex, Built on an elevated landscape this elegant and imposing structure has a magnificent entrance or Mahadwara. The religious gaiety and fervour with which the visitors come to this place is enhanced the moment they stand and stare at the Mahadwara and its architecture. The majestic statues of elephants on both sides welcome the visitors. Lord Ganesha on both sides welcomes the visitors. Lord Ganesh and Sharadamba idols of a variety of architectural elegance, housed in miniature temples on the arc of the entrance walls, make the visitors to bow down and pray with folded hands. The coloured fountain in the artificial lotus in front of the temples is a special attraction.

The ultimate destination of visitors in Shankar Math complex is the clustered three temples of Sri Sharadamba, Lord Ganesha and Sri Shankara. The natural features and man made structures here exert a magnetic quality captivating the visitors. The temple dedicated to Sharadamba, a popular form of the goddess Saraswati, is the principal destination for local and outside devotees. The Sharadamba statue is made of white marble and decorated with silver prabhavali of rare artistic acrograpy. Opposite to this temple is another temple adorned by Lord Ganesha who solves all the hurdles and problems of worshippers, Both of these temples have splendid shikharas. In the mid-far end, facing the temple entrance, is the Dhyana Mandir wherein Sri Shankaras statue, carved in snow white marble, is placed on a raised platform. It is as though Sri Shankara gracefully observing the devotees of the two deities - Sharadamba and Ganesh, The whole mandir is ever cool, calm and holy, with vibrant environment.

Sin rounding the temples are the buildings serving different purposes. Guru Bhavana is the pious abode wherein Jagadguru of Shringeri Math rests whenever he visits this place. This is a specially designed construction, Adjacent to Guru Bhavana is the two storeyed building with many rooms for meeting the accommodation needs of visitors. The Samudaya Bhavana is another magnificent structure housing Sri Sharadamba Vedic Sanskrit Vidyalaya. The students admitted into this Vidyalaya get cost-free education Le.? free lodging, and boarding, free books and dresses etc. Here is a Library full of very rare and valuable books of Varied literature. Facilities are provided for conducting a variety of education and cultural programmes such as conferences. Seminars, Workshops, study circles, debates and lectures Sri Bharathi Teertha Sabha Bhavana in the left side of the temples, is a wide, spacious and impressive structure which provides venue for all important and big cultural events of Siddapur. This Bhavana, accommodating 800 persons, has all modern facilities, Conferences, seminars, dance and musical programmes, dramas, yakshaganas, religious and cultural functions, honouring VIPs, celebration of marriages and thread ceremonies, are held throughout the year.

Narasimha Vana and Sharada Vana are the two beautiful gardens attracting the visitors, It is an example of man’s cooperative effort in enriching the flora of nature. A wide variety of flower plants and creepers, rare medicinal plants and herbs, fruit bearing trees, sacred plants decorative plants etc are found here. These gardens are the evening resorts of the local and outside visitors who are fed up with the heat and dust or toils and troubles of daily life. They are fanned and freed in these gardens.

Thus the Shankar Math with its splendid building complex, holy premises of temples, the blessing Shankara in Dhyana Mandir, beautiful gardens and the surrounding beauty of nature all combine to attract the devotees and tourists throughout the year.


  • Special poojas and cultural activities during Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Sri Shankara Jayanthi and Shaiannavaratri
  • Religious, spiritual, educational and cultural activities round the year.


  • Facilities for conducting Horna. Havana Rituals, religious ceremoniesin most appropriate religious tradition,
  • Built-in facilities for religious, spiritual cultural activities, seminars workshops.
  • Facilities of free boarding, lodging for Brahmin students with teaching of Veda.
  • Well equipped library with a varied collection.
  • Beautiful natural garden.
  • Decent accommodation for tourists


Sliri Sliiingeii Shankar Mutt,
SIDDAPUR (Uttar Kannada) 581 355
Karnataka India.

Phone: 08389 230293

Contact person

Dodmane Vijay Hegde
Phone: 08389-231448

Mob -.9449807180


Elegant and Magnifident structure on Siddapur Kumta road.
Abode of peace and tranquility providing serene opportunity for rendering poojas,
Unique and vibrant meditation hall for effective meditation
Centre for many places of tourists attraction.

* Jogfalls * Lushigton falls * Unchalli falls * Raam Teertha *
* Gerusoppa * Idagunji * Murdeshwai * Chandragutti * Ikkeri *
* Keladv * Varadahalli * Banavasi * Sirsi * Yaana * Gokarna etc.


The Shankar Math stands erected in the outskirts of Siddapur Town - two kms away from Siddapur Bus-stand, on the right side of Siddapur-Kumta road

Photo Gallery:

Goddess Sharadamba

Lord Ganapathi

Jagadguru Sri Shankaracharya

Photos: Shriharsha.B.S-Banavasi
Information Courtesy: http://www.sringeri.net/branches/karnataka/siddapur

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