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The famous "Historical Banavasi Sri Madhukeshwara Devara Rathotsava-2013" is starting from April 16,2013.The main attraction of Banavasi Rathotsava  is Sri Manmahasyandana Rathotsava (Dodda Teru) which is held on April 21,2013. "Sutthona Banni Team Karnataka" heartily welcomes to all for "Banavasi Rathotsava-2013".

Banavasi Rathotsava-2013- Events Details:
16-4-2013 to 20-4-2013 - Hagalotsava Ratha & Tiruguni Ratha
20-4-2013- Hoovina Ratha
21-4-2013- Sri Manmahasyandana Ratha (Big Chariot)/Dodda Teru

Banavasi lies deep in the rain forests of Western Ghats with the Varadha river flowing around it on three sides. It is located 374 km from Bangalore. The nearest railway station is 112 km away in Shimoga. Nearest town is Sirsi which is 23 kms away from Banavasi.

Route Map:

KSRTC buses available from Bangalore, Mysore, Shivamogga, Hubli, Sagar, Davanagere, Sirsi, Sorab, Jade, Anavatti.

For more details about History of Banavasi & Tourist places near to Banavasi click on following links.

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