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 Mahalakshmi Layout is a suburb in north-west Bengaluru, India. It is surrounded by Rajajinagar, Basaveshwaranagar and Yeshwanthapura. Together with Nandini Layout and Mahalakshmipuram,it is one of the biggest layouts in Bengaluru.The famous temple of Lord Hanuman etched on a single monolith stone signifies this area. True to its name, there is also temple in the name of goddess Mahalakshmi. This area has some of the known people in Bangalore city residing.

It has been attributed with many sobriquets such as "Layout of Hills","Twin Layout" and "Temple Layout". There are around 10 temples within a radius of 200 meters. One of the most popular locations for shooting Kannada movies and TV serials.

In Mahalaksmi layout you can see the many temples like: Prasanna Veeranjaneya temple, Srinivasa temple, Vasavi temple, Ayyappa temple, Panchamukhi Ganapathi temple etc.

BBMP is maintaining a beautiful park beside the Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya temple. This park is located in Mahalaksmi layout main road. On the other side of park Sri Srinivasa temple is there.

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Photos & Information : Shriharsha B S, Guruprasad Hegde, Shyamsundar Hegde-Sutthona Banni Team

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