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Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya  Temple in Mahalakshmi Layout  is one of the  most beautiful and amazing temple of Bangalore city. The famous temple of Lord Hanuman etched on a single monolith stone signifies this area. Its about 40 years old. The Hanuman idol there was carved out of a single stone and is one of the largest in the mid-1970s. Its an established SPIRITUAL tourist spot in Bangalore North. The temple also holds many yoga and meditation programs. It is also house of Godess Mahalakshmi. 

This temple is located in main road of Mahalaksmi Layout entrance. Beside this temple BBMP is maintaining beautiful park. 

Photo Gallery: 

Photos: Shriharsha B S, Guruprasad Hegde, Shyamsundar Hegde - Sutthona Banni Team
Information Courtesy: Wikipedia

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