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Jod Gumbad (Gumbaz) is behind the Government High School in Bijapur city. A pair of tombs is housed in this. The floors of both the tombs are at a very considerable elevation, as the graves have been built at floor level. Both the buildings have galleries within the domes.

Jod Gumbad’s twin domed tombs were built in memory of Khan Muhammad and Abdul Razzaq Qadiri. The two were considered traitors as the general and the spiritual advisor helped the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb defeat the young Adil Shahi ruler Sikandar. The structure was built in 1687 and is also known as Abdul Razzaq Dargah. The Dargah offers a spoon of holy water to all visitors. The reason why tombs for traitors was built and considered holy is unknown. The structure has beautiful bulbous domes and the garden in which these tombs are sited is a popular picnic spot. 

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Photos: Sundar , Shriharsha B S - SPP Team - Relyon Bangalore
Information Courtesy: Wikipedia

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