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Mukti Hole (ಮುಕ್ತಿ ಹೊಳೆ) Waterfalls is located in dark and dense green forest of western ghats, which is near to Siddapur town (approx: 31 km from Siddapur) of Uttara Kannada District. Sub-river of Aghanashini river is creating this beautiful waterfalls. This place is unknown to lot of people due to lack of publicity and impassable road connectivity. Journey to this falls is very difficult because you have to trek in dense forest around 4 km in a steep way.
Route Map:

Route1: From Siddapur
  •  From Siddapur town, go in Siddapur-Bilagi- Doddamane-Kumta state highway. Around 15 km you will get Bilagi village.
  •  After Bilagi village (approx: 12 km from Bilagi) left side you will get “Kodigadde” cross. Then take a left deviation and reach to Kodigadde village.
  • In Kodigadde village you have to ask with local people about route for Mukti Hole falls.  
  • With the guidance of local people only you can reach to the falls otherwise you will miss the route.
  •  From Kodigadde village you have to trek around 3-4 km in a dense forest. The way to reach the falls is too difficult.    
 Route2: From Honnvar
  • Honnavar --> Hadinabala --> Gundabala --> Kadehalla --> Hirebailu --> Mukti Hole.    
  • But this route is difficult to trek.
Best Time to Visit: From October to January.

   Food Facility: Nearby falls you will not get any food facility. So you have to carry enough food from Siddapur itself.
    Warning: Beware of Leaches and snakes.
    Request: Please don’t throw the food materials, plastics, bottles in the forest area and nearby falls. Keep this place clean and calm and join the hands for “Swacch Bharath Abhiyaan”. Don’t spoil the natural beauty. 

Photo Gallery: 

Photos & Information Courtesy: Gajanan Bhat – Magegar

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    we took first route from kodigadde.. reached to the down after 3-4 KM. after that do we need take right side path or left..
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