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Waatwhalla (Vaatehole Falls) is located approximately 30km from Sirsi town of Uttara Kannada District. A tributary to the Aghanashini river makes this wonder full water falls which is falling from a height of around 120 feet.

"Waate" is the local name of river side bamboo which can be found in plenty here. And "Halla" (in Kannada)  means medium size river. So this falls is called as "Waatehalla Falls".

This falls is located near to one more famous falls -"Unchalli Falls" and sunset point "Bheemana Gudda". 

Route Map:

Public Transport: Take a bus from Sirsi which goes to Heggarani, get down a place by Nilkunda. From here it is 3km walk to the valley, where one has to climb down to reach the waatehalla falls.
Private Transport:  Sirsi --> Ammenalli Cross --> Take left deviation which moves towards Unchalli falls --> Take right deviation near Nilkunda .

Food & Accommodation: 

Near by falls you will not get any thing to eat. So you have to carry food. Nearest food point is Ammenalli (Tea Point) and Sirsi town. For accommodation you have to stay in Sirsi. 

 Photo Gallery:

Waate Plant (River side Bamboo) 

Photos & Information: Shyamsundar Hegde & Gajanan Bhat -Magegar

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