After a long time I went trekking in Western Ghats. This time I went to Barkana Falls & Narasimha Parvatha (Agumbe) trekking with “Prakruthi Charanigaru - PC” Team from Bangalore.

"Prakruthi Charanigaru" offers a variety of trips and guided trekking of your choice around Karnataka. They had already conducted trekking to Ombattu Gudda, Aramane Gadde, Etthina Bhuja, Kodachadri, Mullayyana Giri, Kuduremukha, Saalugudda, etc. They had conducted Independence Day Rally in Sakaleshpur & Kuduremukh. This time they have conducted trekking in Agumbe Ghats on 24 – January- 2015 and 25 – January – 2015.

On 23-Jan-2015 @ 11.00 PM we have started our journey from Bangalore in a Tempo Traveller & a Car. Overall 14 members travelled from Bangalore and 3 more people joined with us in Agumbe.

Day1: 24-Jan-2015
The Narasimha Parvatha trek that starts near village -Mallandur and ends up at Kigga near Sringeri (a total trekking distance of about 23 kilometers). But before trekking you have to take the permission from forest department. This trek passes through extremely dense forests and through the heart of naxalite area and hence requires expert guidance.
Trek difficulty from Mallandur to Barkana falls is "Moderate". Trek Difficulty from Barkana falls to till end of forest is very difficult(Very steep to trek). After forest trek difficulty is moderate.

Morning @ 7.00 AM we have reached to Agumbe, took fresh up and had breakfast in a canteen “Guruprasad”.  At 9.00 AM our guide Abhisha came from Mallandur village. Now we have started our journey to Mallandur village which is located 5 km from Agumbe (Shivamogga District). 

 We get down at Abhisha’s house in Mallandur village and taken the necessary items for trekking from our TT.At 9.30 AM we have started our trekking to Barkana falls from Mallandur village.
Trekking Starting Point: Mallandur Village

 We trek around 7 km from Mallandur and @ 11.50 AM we have reached to the top of Barkana Falls.

About Barkana Falls:
The Barkana Falls (Kannada: ಬರ್ಕಣ ಜಲಪಾತ) is among the ten highest waterfalls in India. This falls is located near Agumbe in Shimoga district of state of Karnataka. The Barkana falls are formed by the Sita river. Currently Barkana falls is the prime source of one of the hydro electricprojects in Karnataka. It is a wonderful location for sightseeing and enjoying a picnic, but beware of the leeches during the rainy season.
The Barkana view point gives a splendid bird's-eye view of the Barkana falls and the great forest of the Western Ghats.

Top view of Barkana Falls

This dog also made 23 km trek with us .

 After seeing the beautiful waterfalls, we had lunch (Chapathi). Then @ 1.00 PM we have started trekking to peak of Narasimha Parvatha from Barkana falls.
From Barkana falls we trek around 8 km in dense forest. At 4.00 PM we have reached to peak of Narasimha Parvatha.

 About Narasimha Parvatha:
Narasimha Parvatha, is also called the Agumbe peak, is part of the famous “Agumbe - Sringeri”trekking trail. Situated at an altitude of 826 m in Shimoga, it’s the tallest peak (about 3780 feet) in Agumbe Ghats. The view from the peak is panoramic. The imposing Kudremukh ranges are visible from the hilltop. The paddy fields of the Mallandoor village, a tower of a relay station in Agumbe can also be seen from the summit. There is a big valley between Narasimha Parvata and Mallandur. The Shola forests are found on mountain peaks. Grasslands cover the peaks while the slopes are covered with thick forests.
Peak of Narasimha Parvatha

 At 5.00 PM we have started climbing down from peak of Narasimha Parvatha. 

 We trek around 7 km and reached Kigga village (Chikkamagalore District) @ 7.00 PM. One of our trek coordinator Harsha (Agalatti Resort owner) have made all the camping arrangements near Sirirmane falls. From Kigga village we went to Sirimane falls (5 km from Kigga) in our TT. At 7.30 PM we have reached to our camping place near to Sirimane falls.

In camping place we have prepared delicious dinner and had it under the moon light. And made camp firing. And slept in the tents with sleeping bags.

 Day2: 25-Jan-2015
We had a breakfast @ 9.00 AM and had lunch @ 12.30 PM. After packing our all luggage, @ 2.30 PM we went to Sirimane Falls (which is 2 km away from our camping site) to take a bath.
About Sirimane Falls:
 “Sirimane Falls” is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Chikkamagalur district of the Western Ghats of Karnataka.  Here the water falls from 70-80 feet height (approx) in the green forest. Sirimane Falls is located at a distance of 5km (approx) from Kigga near SringeriKigga is a small village located at a distance of 9 km from Sringeri. The main attraction of Kigga is “Sri Rishya Shringeshwara temple (Rishya Shringa)”. 

Sirimane Falls

After having bath in “Sirimane falls” we have started our journey back to Bangalore @ 4.30 PM.
At 9.00 PM we had a dinner in Belur. At 10.00 PM we departure from Belur and 2.00AM (26-Jan-2015) reached to Bangalore.

This was one of the memorable trekking for me with “Prakruthi Charanigaru” team. I am thankful to all the coordinators, guide and trekking members for the successful trek without any bad incidents.

Our Guide: Abhisha from Mallandur village. He will charge Rs.1500 for guidance. His contact Num: 9448732716.

Members Trekked:
1] Raghavendra – Manager
2] Kishor – Coordinator
3] Naveen – Coordinator
4] Pavan – Coordinator
5] Harsha – Agalatti Resort owner
6] Sundar
7] Prashants
8] Sanketh
9] Shivrajkumar
10] Waman Deshmukh
11] Chethan
12] Sunilkumar
13] Darshan
14] Amarendar
15] Praveen Kumar
16] Achar - Cook
17] Shriharsha B S – Publisher Sutthona Banni Team

Photos: Sundar, Shriharsha B S, Shivrajkumar

Information: Shriharsha B S – Sutthona Banni Team

Banavasi Sri Madhukeshwara Devara Maha-Rathotsava-2015:

Banavasi is an ancient temple town in Uttara Kannada District bordering Shivamogga districtin the south Indian state of Karnataka. It comes under Sirsi Taluk . Banavasi was one of the capital of the Kadamba Kings who established the first Kannada Empire in c.e 345AD.Lord Madhukeshwara Temple is major attraction of Banavasi.

Rathotsava is the biggest festival of Banavasi celebrated in the month of April every year. In Banavasi total four chariots are there.
1.            Hagalotsava Ratha (Small Chariot)
2.            Tiruguni Ratha (Paatala Chariot)
3.            Hoovina Ratha (Flower Chariot)
4.            Sri Manmahasyandana Ratha (Big Chariot/Dodda Teru)
"Sri Manmahasyandana Ratha (Big Chariot)" is the main attraction of Banavasi Rathotsava. It is also called as " Dodda Teru". It is one of the biggest Ratha (in height) in Karnataka which was donated by the King of Sonda Sri Ramachandra Nayak in the year1608. This chariot has got the height of 75 feet & weight of about 150 tons. This chariot is one of the oldest chariot in Karnataka (407 Years).
Banavasi Rathotsava -2015 commence from 27th March-2015 and ends on 1st April-2015.

"Sutthona Banni Team Karnataka" heartily welcomes to all for "Banavasi Rathotsava-2015".

Banavasi Rathotsava-2015, Events Details:

27-3-2015 to 30-3-2015 Hagalotsava Ratha & Tiruguni Ratha
31-3-2015 Hoovina RathaHagalotsava Ratha & Tiruguni Ratha
1-4-2015 - Sri Manmahasyandana Ratha (Big Chariot/Dodda Teru)

For more details about History of Banavasi & Tourist places near to Banavasi click on following links.

Photos & Information: Shriharsha B S - Sutthona Banni Team Karnataka

Waatwhalla (Vaatehole Falls) is located approximately 30km from Sirsi town of Uttara Kannada District. A tributary to the Aghanashini river makes this wonder full water falls which is falling from a height of around 120 feet.

"Waate" is the local name of river side bamboo which can be found in plenty here. And "Halla" (in Kannada)  means medium size river. So this falls is called as "Waatehalla Falls".

This falls is located near to one more famous falls -"Unchalli Falls" and sunset point "Bheemana Gudda". 

Route Map:

Public Transport: Take a bus from Sirsi which goes to Heggarani, get down a place by Nilkunda. From here it is 3km walk to the valley, where one has to climb down to reach the waatehalla falls.
Private Transport:  Sirsi --> Ammenalli Cross --> Take left deviation which moves towards Unchalli falls --> Take right deviation near Nilkunda .

Food & Accommodation: 

Near by falls you will not get any thing to eat. So you have to carry food. Nearest food point is Ammenalli (Tea Point) and Sirsi town. For accommodation you have to stay in Sirsi. 

 Photo Gallery:

Waate Plant (River side Bamboo) 

Photos & Information: Shyamsundar Hegde & Gajanan Bhat -Magegar

Sutthona Banni Team Karnataka wishes to All "Happy New Year - 2015".

Mukti Hole (ಮುಕ್ತಿ ಹೊಳೆ) Waterfalls is located in dark and dense green forest of western ghats, which is near to Siddapur town (approx: 31 km from Siddapur) of Uttara Kannada District. Sub-river of Aghanashini river is creating this beautiful waterfalls. This place is unknown to lot of people due to lack of publicity and impassable road connectivity. Journey to this falls is very difficult because you have to trek in dense forest around 4 km in a steep way.
Route Map:

Route1: From Siddapur
  •  From Siddapur town, go in Siddapur-Bilagi- Doddamane-Kumta state highway. Around 15 km you will get Bilagi village.
  •  After Bilagi village (approx: 12 km from Bilagi) left side you will get “Kodigadde” cross. Then take a left deviation and reach to Kodigadde village.
  • In Kodigadde village you have to ask with local people about route for Mukti Hole falls.  
  • With the guidance of local people only you can reach to the falls otherwise you will miss the route.
  •  From Kodigadde village you have to trek around 3-4 km in a dense forest. The way to reach the falls is too difficult.    
 Route2: From Honnvar
  • Honnavar --> Hadinabala --> Gundabala --> Kadehalla --> Hirebailu --> Mukti Hole.    
  • But this route is difficult to trek.
Best Time to Visit: From October to January.

   Food Facility: Nearby falls you will not get any food facility. So you have to carry enough food from Siddapur itself.
    Warning: Beware of Leaches and snakes.
    Request: Please don’t throw the food materials, plastics, bottles in the forest area and nearby falls. Keep this place clean and calm and join the hands for “Swacch Bharath Abhiyaan”. Don’t spoil the natural beauty. 

Photo Gallery: 

Photos & Information Courtesy: Gajanan Bhat – Magegar