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Panchalinga is situated in Sirsi Taluk (Uttara Kannada District). It is 17km from Sirsi. Here you can see the "Panchalingeshwara Temple", " Laxminarayana Temple", "Shivalli Muth". In Panchalingeshwara temple you can see the 5 lingas.

Route Map:

You have to go in Sirsi-Kumata state highway. After 5km you will get a Hegadekatta Cross. Then you have to go in Hegadekatta road upto 11km. then you will get Panchalinga cross. From there you have to travel 1km to reach "Panchalinga".

Photo Gallery:

Panchalingeshwara temple

Laxmi Narayana Temple

Photos & Information Courtesy: Manjunath.M.Hegde-Panchalinga

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