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Muregar Falls is the famous tourist spot in Sirsi taluk. "Muregar Falls" is also called as "Teppige falls". It is nearly 23km from Sirsi. This falls originates from "Muregar Halla"(small stream) which is the sub river of "Shalmala River". Here you can see the "Shivalingas" and other gods like "Ganesha", "Shanmuka" etc.

Route Map:

Go in Sirsi-Hulekal road. After 10km (Kengrehole) you will get 'Salkani cross'. Take left diversion & go in Salkani road. Go in that road upto 'Muregar cross' (7km), then take right deviation. After 1.5km you will get 'Duggumane bus stop'. Then go in 'Muregar road' upto 4km, you will get "Muregar Falls".

Photo Gallery:

Photos: Bhaskar Hegde (Nakshe), Manjunath Hegde (Panchalinga)
Infromation Courtesy: Vinay Bhat (Salkani)

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