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The Blue Lagoons or the KRS backwaters, has emerged as a must-see destination for most tourists visiting the Brindavan Gardens these days. The number of tourists to the backwaters, which is situated at a distance of about six km from the entrance of Brindavan Gardens, swells in the evening.

Apart from watching the beauty of the sun setting over the expansive water body and drenching themselves in the waters, the visitors also pay a visit to the magnificent Sri Venugopalaswamy Temple that has been relocated stone by stone from the site of the reservoir. The reservoir is brimming with water and its backwaters have reached the edge of the road leading to the 12th century Sri Venugopalaswamy Temple, which has now been relocated on the periphery of the Hosa Kannambadi village.

The 900-year-old Sri Venugopalaswamy Temple was originally situated in Kannambadi village, which was submerged under the backwaters of KRS reservoir. The temple used to surface whenever the water level in the reservoir plunged, attracting a large number of devotees. Now the temple has been shifted from its original site, stone by stone to a new site on the periphery of the New Kannambadi village. The relocation work of the temple, which began more than two years ago, is now nearing completion.

How to Reach?:

You could reach this location by walking through the shallow waters from the KRS Dam. Risk involves while reaching the island due to swirling of water and necessary precaution to be taken. You can also hire an auto from K.R.S. to reach this spot or travel by your own vehicles. It is considered as one of the best picnic spot near Mysore these days.

Photo Gallery:

Photos & Information Courtesy: Harsha.H.C.-Mandya (Sutthona Banni Team)

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