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“Pandavara Hole”  is a beautiful picnic spot located nearly 11 km from Sirsi town. In Kannada "Hole" (ಹೊಳೆ) means small stream or small river. This place is located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka state. Here ”Kengre” river flows through the  green forest.  In river you can see the Shiva Linga carved on the stone. And also you can see “Gogarbha” (stones are carved naturally by river which looks like cow’s stomach), Bheemana Hejje, Hanging Bridge etc. 

Route Map:

Route1:  Approximately 11 km from Sirsi town.

·         From Sirsi town à Go in Hulekal Road up-to 5km, you will get “Neernahalli” cross on right side. Go in Neernahalli Road, take left deviation on that road which moves towards “Itaguli” village.
·          In that road go up-to 1.5 km you will get one mud road (2nd left mud road) on left side which moves towards “GubbiGadde” village. Then go in that road up-to 4km you will get  “Idatalli” village.
·          From that village you have to go in left road up-to 0.5 km  which reaches to “Pandavara Hole”. Bikes are going up-to Pandavara Hole. 4-wheelers are going up-to “Idatalli” village from there you have to walk 0. 5km.

Route2: Approximately 13 km from Sirsi town.

·         From Sirsi town à Go in Hulekal Road up-to 10 km, you will get “Balegadde” village.
·         From that village take right deviation and go in mud road up-to 3km which moves towards “GubbiGadde” village.
·         From GubbiGadde go to Pandavara Hole. From this direction 4 wheelers are going up-to Pandavara Hole “Hanging Bridge”.

Note for Tourists: There is no food facility. And NWKRTC bus facility is available up-to Neernahalli cross bus stop or Balegadde bus stop. So go in your own vehicle.
Please don’t throw plastics, bottles, waste materials in this place. Keep this place clean and peaceful. 

Photo Gallery: 

Photos & Information: Shriharsha B S and Ganesh Bhat - Sutthona Banni Team

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  1. I have been to this place many times as this is very near to my ajjana mane (honnegadde). These days this place is getting spoiled very much because boys from Sirsi town come here and cook non-veg food, throw alcohol bottles etc.,. There is a pair of water filled underground interconnected holes in that rock. Local experts go in into hole and come out of another hole!

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