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Bheemana Gudda (Bheemanavare Gudda / Bheemana Eri Gudda/ Bheemanaware gudda) is less explored location in Siddapur taluk, Uttara Kannada district. This place is located 2km from Nilkunda village (Highest Rain fall place in Uttara Kannada district) and 636m from above sea level.  It is very beautiful place with great view.On the top of the hill you can watch beautifull valley of Aghanashini river with cool breeze.You can feel the joy of real nature.

This hill is situated near small village called Hallibail which is near to Sirsi-Kumta road.Nearby you can visit Bennehole Falls,Manjuguni etc..

Nearest Cities : Sirsi,Siddapur.

Distances from Bheemanavare Gudda:

Sirsi - 30 km
Siddapur - 40 km

Route Map: 

Photo Gallery:

Photos : Shriharsha B S, Sachin Shet - Sutthona Banni Team
Information Courtesy: Guruprasad Hegde - Harthebail

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  1. Thank you very much. That region being my native (Kodsara village), I had no information about this. This time I will visit there.

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