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Shrimad Jagadguru Shankaracharya is reputed to have founded four Mathas in Bharata (In all 4 directions respectively). And his followers, they founded Mathas in many different places across the country over the years. Shriman Nelemavu Matha is one among such 'Advaita Peetas'.

It is a Malnad Region of Karnataka, Nelemavu (Hobali) is a Spiritual Heritage place in Siddapura Talluk. Located about 25KMs from Sirsi and from Siddapur about 30KMS. On the bank of Aghanashini River Shri Matha is located.

People of Herur Seema (Specific Region) belong to Shri Matha and also Pancha Gramas of Honnavar Talluk are the Shishya Varga (Disciple) of Shriman Nelemavu Matha. Approxiately 800 year old Matha is prominent with other Advaita Peetas.

Shri Lakshmi Narasimha is the lord of Shri Matha. Every year in the month of May there will be a fair. Rathotsava is also one of the attractions here.

Sirsi -(12km)- Kolgibis -(12km)- Herur -(1km)- Nelemau Matha
Siddapura -(18km)- Harsikatta -(8km)- Golimakki -(4km)- Nelemavu Matha

Other Tourist Places Nearby:
Shri Siddhi Vinayaka Temple Herur (Just 1KM)
Unchalli Falls (About 14KM)

Contact: Shri Ganapati M Hegde, Hegnur. President – Administration, Shri Nelemavu Matha. Mobile : +91 944 889 4067/ 08389- 254 935

Special Mention: Presently Shri Matha building is under renovation. All devoties/ tourists/  visitors kindly make donations in favour of “Shriman Nelemvu Matha”. Acc No: 137601010002994. Vijaya Bank - Herur Branch, IFSC Code: VIJB0001376.

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Information and Photos : Guruprasad Hegde -  "https://www.facebook.com/guruprasadhegdes

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