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Uttara Kannada , also known as North Canara or North Kanara, is a district in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. It is bordered by the state of Goa and Belgaum District to the north, Dharwad District and Haveri District to the east, Shimoga District and Udupi District to the south and the Arabian Sea to the west. The town of Karwar is the administrative headquarters of the district. This is also known as “ District of Water falls”. It is heaven for tourists. This district has Coastal areas, Malenadu and Bayaluseeme.

Uttara Kannada District which is not much spoiled yet by commercialization. The District retains its natural beauty to a great extent. The district is having many spots of natural beauty spots in the form of rivers, waterfalls, mountains and beaches.

The Uttara Kannada district is at the North West end of Karnataka State having its share of the natural wonders. Let us have a look at some of the waterfalls, which are not yet known widely by people, of Uttara Kannada District of the Karnataka State in India. The Uttara Kannada district has its share of the nature's bounty in the form of pristine forests, mountains, beaches, rivers and waterfalls. This district may perhaps have the largest number of waterfalls comparing to other districts. Some of the waterfalls are well known and extensively visited by the tourists. There are also many which are not in the beaten track of the usual tourists haunts. Some of them are very tough to approach and requires the stamina and patience.

In Monsoon season visit to water falls of Uttara Kannada and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Note: Don't throw the plastics, bottles, waste materials in the forest and tourist places. Keep the environment clean and calm. Don't spoil the beauty of nature.

List of Water Falls in Uttara Kannada District:
  1. Apsarakonda Falls
  2. Arabile Falls
  3. Benne-Hole Falls
  4. Burude Falls
  5. Devakara (Vajramala) Falls
  6. Hasehalla (Matthi-Ghatta) Falls
  7. Jog Falls (Uttara Kannada-Shivamogga District)
  8. Kumbaal Falls
  9. Lalguli Falls
  10. Magod Falls
  11. Majjige-Hole Falls
  12. Muregar Falls
  13. Negar Falls
  14. Sathoddi Falls
  15. Shirley Falls
  16. Shivaganga Falls
  17. Tumbragodu Falls (Rainy Season only)
  18. Unchalli Falls
  19. Vibhoothi Falls
  20. Watehalla Falls
Photo Gallery:

Apsarakonda Falls
Arabile Falls

 Benne-Hole Falls
Burude Falls
Devakara (Vajramala) Falls
Hasehalla (Matthi-Ghatta) Falls
Jog Falls

 Kumbaal Falls
Lalguli Falls
Magod Falls

Majjige-Hole Falls
Muregar Falls
Sathoddi Falls
Shirley Falls
Shivaganga Falls
Tumbragodu Falls

 Unchalli Falls
Vibhoothi Falls

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